Volition releasing 'mod tools' for Saints Row: The Third
Posted: 17.06.2013 10:55 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
Developer Volition Inc. is releasing a bunch of tools and information to the PC modding community for Saints Row: The Third, which is believed to be a test run to see what fans can come up with when equipped.

If it proves successful enough then Saints Row 4 may see official endorsement for mods a lot sooner. Volition's Studio Director of Programming is releasing the tools, documents etc.

They've being handed over directly to those who've already been picking apart the game as much as possible without insider knowledge of the game's architecture.

"Jeff Thompson, the Studio Director of Programming at Volition, is putting together a package for us containing documentation, file formats, tools, and more on the Saints Row: The Third engine," reports IdolNinja.

"Myself, Minimaul, and gibbed will be working closely with Jeff over the coming months to use this information to create a robust set of modding tools to supplement our existing ones and creating what is essentially a full sdk for the game! But, that’s not all! Saints Row: The Third is only the beginning!”

"So, what does this actually mean to the average Saints Row player? In simple terms, the modding community will finally be able to create and offer new clothing, new vehicles, new guns, new npcs, new missions, and even new world geometry which will greatly extend the life of the series and enhance the Saints Row games in ways we never even dared to dream of." Volition will be doing the same for Saints Row 2, apparently. The modders are giddy with glee.

It seems Volition and their new owners at Deep Silver are quite excited themselves and bridging the gap some more between the studio and the modding community - especially how rabid the PC gamer can be for injecting some community created content to spice things up.

Saints Row IV releases on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC August 20th in the US, 23rd in EU.


By HenoKutus (SI Elite) on Jun 17, 2013
Excellent news!