Eidos reveal Thief gameplay details, health and focus "based on consumables"
Posted: 17.06.2013 14:46 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
An Eidos Montreal Community Manager has posted a Q&A for Thief's E3 showing, which reveals some concrete facts about the upcoming return to Thief. It touches on a few areas from animals to XP.

Among the more notable entries is that health and focus "do not regenerate," but rely on consumables. The E3 press got their hands on a pre-alpha build meaning there's plenty left to balance.

Pieces of the game's HUD can be toggled, dogs are present, lockpicking changes based on focus used or not, and you can steal anywhere.

Thief will support both a mini-map and a full map, is entirely possible to play through stealthed, which means the cone of vision for NPCs is based on shadows and literal line-of-sight. That means if two guards are facing each other then the view is blocked behind the other.

Using Focus during a lockpick will let Garret see inside the lock as opposed to seeing just the outside. There are secrets and booby traps to encounter, while swimming is yet to be confirmed.

The full Q&A rundown is available on the official Eidos Montreal forums.

Thief releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 2014.
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