Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion coming to Dungeons & Dragons Online on 19th August
Posted: 19.06.2013 17:31 by Comments: 0
Turbine has announced a new major expansion for Dungeons & Dragon Online called the Shadowfall Conspiracy, which will be released on the 19th August 2013.

According to the studio, "On Cormyr’s western and northern borders lie the majestic Stormhorn mountains, a brand new wilderness area coming to Dungeons & Dragons Online in the next expansion, The Shadowfell Conspiracy. The Stormhorn mountains are beautiful and wild. They contain rugged forests, alpine streams, and frozen peaks – and also dangerous wild creatures and scattered tribes of orcs, giants, and gnolls."

Two versions of the expansion will be released, a $49.99 Collector's Edition and a $29.99 Standard Edition. The Collector's Edition will include the Shadowfell Conspiracy content, 3 additional Iconic Heroes, and a Collector's Edition pre-purchase exclusive Shadar-kai cosmetic costume.

For the full info, visit the official page here.