Titanfall dev accuses shooters of treading the same ground
Posted: 21.06.2013 05:48 by Comments: 0
Respawn Entertainment producer Drew McCoy states that too many shooters are "retreading old ground", and that Titanfall will recapture fun and innovation.

According to McCoy, "When we started on Titanfall, we had a couple main goals we really wanted to achieve. First and foremost, we want something fun. There's so many games now that are just retreading old ground. We really wanted to do something that was so fun and unique that we couldn't put it down ourselves."

Titanfall, a mech multiplayer shooter which combines the action of Hawken with the multiplayer scoring system of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, will be hitting PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in Spring 2014.
Source: GameSpot