Neverwinter receives 'launch update' as it exits open beta
Posted: 21.06.2013 14:36 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
MMO Neverwinter has just received its launch trailer, marking the end of the open beta since late April. A huge patch is also being released to bring the MMORPG up to snuff in a post-beta world.

This summer developer Cryptic will be going live with the first free 'module' called Fury of the Feywild, which adds a new zone, dungeon, professions and more.

A bunch of new features are added now that the MMO is officially out of beta, including the new Alchemy profession to concoct potions and elixirs to gulp down.

A trailer for the new Gauntlgrym content is up as well, which is Neverwinter's twist on end level PvP and PvE content. The latest update to gameplay and balance has been detailed here.

To play Neverwinter now for free visit the official website.

Source: PC Gamer
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By Voqar (SI Core Member) on Jun 21, 2013
Neverwinter is just not very good, at least not if you actually love MMORPGs that are good MMORPGs. I wouldn't even rate it as that good for a single player game, which is mostly is. Single player with moronic chat that rivals TERA's global atrocities.

I finally got around to uninstalling it today.

IMO, the game has been live since their "open beta" started, since the cash shop was live and very active and they never planned to wipe characters.

The whole "going live" thing is kind of a joke.

They had max level characters (many via exploits that were never punished) a few days after open beta started, have had poorly handled AH exploits, and for weeks now people have been pounding endgame.

So not only has the game been "live" for weeks, there are probably players who "finished" the game, got bored, and moved on.

I didn't bother with the finishing of the game, no point since it's boring far before you get there.

Neverwinter has almost nothing in common with D&D except in name. The grouping is weak (not as horribad as it is in GW2 but close - "groups" of solists sharing and instance and maybe sharing a chat isn't a group, really). The game is overall mediocre at best. The foundry is a nice idea and there's some nice player created content but it doesn't compensate for the overall "meh" factor of the game itself.

If you love GW2, ie, you don't really love MMORPGs but you do like playing single player games with a lot of pinheads around you to share kindergarten banter with in public chat, then this might be the pseudo-mmo for you.