Namco Bandai announces Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z for 360, PS3
Posted: 23.06.2013 07:36 by Comments: 1
Namco Bandai has announced a new Dragon Ball Z title for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, subtitled Battle of Z. This iteration boasts four player co-op battles, as well as 8 player 4 vs. 4 team battles.

According to Namco Bandai senior VP Oliver Comte, "The Dragon Ball games continue to thrill fans across Europe, and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z brings some very exciting new features to the series. The large scale cooperative team melee battles are like nothing players have seen before in a Dragon Ball game. Fans can't afford to miss it."

The game, which will be released "soon", also features four different battle types as well as solo play.


By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jun 23, 2013
With the real fight being about who's gonna play as Goku :)

Anyways, for the longest time I thought that anime would look horrible in 3D but in the last few years I've been proven completely wrong. This style captures the look perfectly and I can't find anything to complain about, similar with Ni No Kuni ans some others.