DayZ alpha key date narrowed down, "not going to say when that is"
Posted: 24.06.2013 10:34 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Great news! The release date for the DayZ standalone alpha keys has been set to within "a window of about a week," reveals Dean Hall. The only trouble is... they're not telling us when that week hits.

They were going to release keys in 50k increments, but now they want to do "everything kind of all together." The price for DayZ standalone will go up over the course of the alpha, so get in early for cheap.

The price for the game could rise by about $10 each new alpha milestone reached, however this might change if they're rethinking the alpha.

"I guess the big question that a lot of people have is when we're actually going to get this out. We've set a date now... like a window of about a week," Dean Hall said at Rezzed. "And we're not going to say when that is because originally we were going to release them in 50,000 key increments, but we've kind of decided to do everything kind of all together. We really want to focus on making sure the architecture is good, so that we can get feedback."

The alpha of DayZ standalone won't launch earlier than this month for the masses.
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