Livestream teases Rift expansion, Trion outline four new Souls
Posted: 24.06.2013 15:15 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
With the Rift MMORPG switching from subscription to a free-to-play model, Trion wants to keep population numbers as high as they can. A recent dev livestream has revealed how they plan to do that.

A 3.0 expansion is in the works and it will introduce four new Souls: Support Cleric, Healing Warrior, Tanking Mage and Healing Rogue. More gear customisation and better roles for pets.

Dimensions are also getting upgraded and Trion is investing more time in making player-owned property more meaningful to Rift. Their next add-on focuses on the 'Plane of Water'.

Some concept art teased a multi-level environment with an underground city beneath a frozen lake. Their previous expansion was Storm Legion and it added two large continents to the game world. Trion doesn't look any less ambitious with their 3.0 expansion plans. The livestream can be watched here.
Source: Joystiq
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By Voqar (SI Core Veteran) on Jun 25, 2013
I played Rift when it first came out and subbed for a while. The only reason I left it was due to thinking SWTOR looked good (that and a little burnout of raiding/guilding in Rift having just left 6.5 years of intense WoW featuring ungodly amounts of raiding and guild management.)

IMO, Rift is a better WoW. It's very similar (like VERY similar to direct copy in some ways) but there's more to do while leveling and at endgame. The main thing though is that rather than treat players like utter morons and dumb the gameplay down to infantile, which is what Bliz has done, Rift is more like WoW ala TBC - you actually have talents and builds and decisions to make - the game isn't played for you and character development isn't done for you (bliz apparently thinks most players are too stupid to manage talents).

Rift's "talent" system is better, by far, it's just more similar to TBC WoW. You have way more flexibility to create cool characters in Rift and you aren't limited to just dual spec (I think they're up to 6 possible specs per now).

The only real negative is that games like TERA have unleashed active combat while still maintaining the group synergies and depth of trinity (vs the group of 5 soloists in GW2 or NW garbage), and active style combat is so vastly superior to tab target whack-a-mole that it makes it much harder to dink with the older MMOs.

Anyways. I have been revisiting Rift recently due to it being F2P and due to the fact that Trion is godly - NO other MMO company cranks out content and features like Trion. Nobody. Not even remotely close. Trion has never slowed down. Rift vanilla at release was solid but they've done an onslaught of improvement, refinement, and added content. It's ridiculous.

Rift is so swarmed with players now that it's F2P (and probably the most gentle F2P of all MMOs or close to it, nothing is really withheld, cash shop is truly optional) that they had to open more servers, I've had to wait in queue on a new server, and it's like release all over again with swarms of (mostly braindead children who's parents shouldn't have spawned) players everywhere.

PS - I hate editing posts on this site, it turns your paragraphs into one big blob of text. :/