Indie rail-shooter Futuridium available for free
Posted: 27.06.2013 06:00 by Comments: 0
Indie developer Mixed Bag has released a new futuristic shoot 'em up Futuridium for free for both PC and Mac. The game was the result of a contest promoted by an Italian game development website. Mixed Bag decided to beef the game up into a fuller product.

According to the developer, "We wanted to do a flat shaded, bright coloured 3d shoot'em up, with an heavy focus on scoring and some advanced special effects to enhance the visual impact," with huge levels featuring alien capital ships.

The player will have no special powers and will rely totally on their own reflexes, nor can they control their speed. The player may stop and turn their ship 180 at any time by just pressing a button.

Gamers can check out the game and download the demo from the official site here.

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