Project Eternity's crafting system explained
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In the latest update for Obsidian's Kickstarter crowdfunded RPG Project Eternity, senior programmer and designer Tim Cain explained the crafting system in the game.

For starters, there will be various locations that will allow crafting: forges, labs, and hearths. Forges will allow players to craft gear ranging from helmets to armor to boots. Labs will craft alchemical consumables such as potions, scrolls or figurines (which summon creatures to fight for the player). Finally, hearths can cook food and make drinks.

At a crafting location, the player will pick a category and can see all of the recipes that are known by the player. Players get a few automatically when leveling up their skill in a category, while more recipes can be found as loot or rewards.

Some recipes will require prerequisites in addition to components. For example, some require the player (or a companion) to have a certain talent, ability or skill at an appropriate level to work. As expected, higher level recipes have more prerequisites and rare ingredients.

Crafting is also instantaneous, provided all of the requirements are met. Some components are consumed, while others can be reused.

Finally, items do degrade and need to be maintained or repaired. Damaged weapons do less damage and have less accuracy, while damaged armor and shields reduce their effectiveness as well.

Project Eternity earned over $4M in crowdfunding from Kickstarter and direct Paypal contributions.

Source: Kickstarter
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