Bethesda talks up likelihood of Dishonored sequel, more Rage "to be determined"
Posted: 04.07.2013 10:40 by Simon Priest Comments: 5
Arkane's Dishonored was a knife in the dark, and a very lucrative one at that for Bethesda. Pete Hines says they "try not to wade into anything as a one-off" from the start, and Dishonored appears to fit the bill.

Bethesda feels it's a franchise and it will be staying with Arkane. What about id's Rage? Right now the Doom creators are "full bore" on their current project, with Hines "super happy" about their work.

VP of PR and marketing, Pete Hines, says each of the studios work in sort of a 'silo environment' and don't affect each other on what projects they choose to pursue.

"The success of that game and how proud Arkane is of it and what goes on at any studio when they put out something like that and all the ideas that are coming out, certainly it’s something that we feel is a franchise," he said.

"It’s specific to Arkane,” he continued, so it won't be shopped around.

“What we do or don’t do on Dishonored has zero effect on Id, Tango, Machine Games. Each one, in some respects, kind of acts in a silo. It doesn’t really matter what those guys are making. ‘What are you good at? What are you going to work on next? What are you going to do next? Okay, that’s what we’re going to do.’ It’s as simple as that.”

Rage was hyped up to be id Software's next huge universe, but sadly whimpered in sales and reception. The PC version of the game was plagued with texture issues over their new engine methods, meaning many PC gamers suffered terribly poor visuals that had to keep loading in. Eventually these issues were patched, but the damage was done.

“To be determined,” said Hines, on the topic of more Rage. “We’ll see. Right now, their focus is on their current project. They are full bore on that. What I’ve seen of it recently, I’m super happy about it. We want them to stick to that until we’re ready to talk about what that is. But let’s wait until we get there first.”

Both Dishonored and Rage has received DLC and Arkane is already making more add-ons following the success of Dunwall City Trials and The Knife of Dunwall. Bethesda is currently developing the next Fallout.

Source: IGN
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By baszermaszer (SI Veteran Member) on Jul 04, 2013
We could use another Rage, but with Final BOSSes now. It was a beautiful game really pushing DX9 limits. Guess it consumed much more money than it brought in thru sales. :(
By djole381 (SI Elite) on Jul 04, 2013
I certainly hope Dishonored gets a sequel. I still can't wait for "Witches of Brigmore" DLC that concludes Daud's story. As for Rage, meh... While it was visualy "stunning", it's story and overall length sucked.
By danfreeman (SI Elite) on Jul 04, 2013
I found Rage to be quite enjoyable actually,it`s not really a good game i`ll admit but what the game got right it got right and i enjoyed playing through it so i`m definitely interested in Rage 2.
By HenoKutus (SI Elite) on Jul 04, 2013
Great game!
By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on Jul 05, 2013
So in the mood for this game lately.