Maxis post 'changes in testing' for SimCity Update 6
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The next update for SimCity will include some RCI tuning and Maxis now reveals exactly what they mean. In "response to feedback" directly from Mayors, commercial now loses profit if their industry demands aren't met.

The RCI bar should reflect what a city needs better. They are also adding "more variety" to high density buildings. Other mentions are stopping RCI from 'sometimes building on roads'.

Finally city officials will start frowning on houses blocking intersections; bloody union labour. We can also expect greater accuracy on the land value data layer map.

The SimCity community has been crying out for tweaks to the RCI, and have been asking for a greater role for industry and its freight shipments. "We are testing changes to how RCI works in the game in response to feedback directly from our players. The main goals are to make Industrial matter more and make sure the demand bars inform players what they should zone," informed Maxis in their latest update, erm, update.

Update 6 highlights so far:

• New: RCI Tuning - Tuning to make Industrial needed more. Commercial buildings lose profit if they don’t have enough freight. The demand bars should feel like they inform the player what they should zone.
• New: RCI height variations for Density 3 Buildings. This will add more variety to the look of your cities.
• New: Borderless windowed mode setting.
• Fixes for some issues of the “out of money” problem or unexplained abandonment.
• Clarity around unfilled jobs and workers to make sure players are messaged that there may be an issue where workers cannot get to unfilled jobs.
• Residential and Commercial buildings are now more consistently in the same wealth in an area of a particular land value. Improves visually consistency.
• Help Wanted, no Shoppers, and No Jobs alerts have been added to the Zoning info panel as alerts.
• Data Layer: Greater map accuracy on the land value map. Residential and Commercial wealth colors added. Abandoned buildings show up red.
• Data Layer: Land Value map shows when placing parks.
• Fixed issue where RCI sometimes builds on roads.
• Fix performance slowdown in cities with more than one million tourists.
• UI Clarity: Show which city hall modules are already placed in the region on the palette UI.
• Garbage UI: fixed issue where garbage UI sometimes showed bins that had already been picked up.
• Gifting: Cash gifts will send to another city even if a player leaves the gifting city before seeing gift confirmation.

Recently an alleged survey sent out to players has been circulating the web, showing signs that Maxis is perhaps looking into changing some significant portions of SimCity, such as increasing city sizes and allowing terrain terraformation.
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