Rumor: Xbox One to include headset
Posted: 04.07.2013 17:11 by Comments: 2
Electronic Theatre has announced that Microsoft will be doing another 180 and including a headset with the Xbox One. The site claims this was revealed by Gem, the official UK distributor for Microsoft Studios and Xbox products, in the latest issue of MCV magazine.

However, Gem claims that the product listing in the MCV magazine was a mistake. There is no word from Microsoft yet, either.

Mistake or leak? Stay tuned, folks. Microsoft already did a 180 on the biggest aspect of the Xbox One, its online policy. The Xbox 360 did not include a headset at launch, for the record.

Source: Eurogamer


By djole381 (SI Elite) on Jul 04, 2013
This headset looks extremely uncomfortable.
By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Jul 04, 2013
It is the one with the 360 isn't it? Just reskinned