Farming Simulator on Xbox 360 and PS3 this summer
Posted: 05.07.2013 11:59 by Simon Priest Comments: 2
The unbelievably successful hit that was Farming Simulator on PC is now coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 this summer. The farm sim on consoles has an all-new American backdrop for that Smallville vibe, I guess.

Focus Home has released a trailer proving I'm not just messing with you; this is actually happening. Until now your summer was filled with picnics and playtime - now it's back to the farmhand days.

The summer months off from school were for agricultural purposes after all. Now kids can feel less guilty as they at least simulate hard child labour in their airconned rooms.

"An entirely new American backdrop has now been added to the extensive European environment familiar to PC players, which will double the size of the gameplay area in Farming Simulator. Inspired by typical American farms, this new and monumental terrain represents a total change of scene, with new locations, fresh development opportunities for your farm and even bigger fields suitable for the largest agricultural machinery available in the game."

Farming Simulator has become something of a cult phenomenon among the PC crowd, but will it translate to the bloated FPS community of consoles? Focus Home seems to think it's worth a try. They even jokingly jazz up the trailer with a slight bit of dubstep and camera shaking, paying homage to the tongue-in-cheek fan videos.


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That fan-made video is brilliant :).