Zelda parody Ittle Dew now available for purchase
Posted: 06.07.2013 15:56 by Comments: 0
Indie developer Ludosity has released a charming The Legend of Zelda parody Ittle Dew, starring the title character, who is described as "Strong and resourceful (and) values treasure and adventure above all else. If there's loot to be found, she gladly endures both puzzles and deadly battles to get it. In fact, she may enjoy hitting things a bit too much."

The game features the same style of action and puzzle solving as its source material, with some cutting humor. For example, Ittle Dew's companion Tippsie reacts aghast to her munching on a heart (like Link does) for health, remarking, "Okay, that's just sick."

Gamers can purchase the game directly from the official site here for $13.99 USD.

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