Champions DLC pack announced for Halo 4
Posted: 07.07.2013 07:07 by Comments: 0
Microsoft has revealed a new downloadable content pack for Halo 4 at RTX 2013, Rooster Teeth's convention in Austin, TX. The DLC pack is called the Champions bundle, which will be available on the 20th August.

The bundle is actually three individual DLC packs. The Infinity Armour pack is a trio of three new armour sets named "Perfect", "Mark V" and "ODST". The Steel Skins pack turns Covenant and Human weapons into steampunk arsenals.

Finally, the Bulleye pack features two maps, Vertigo and Pitfall. Vertigo features an electric shock gimmick in which a player can activate a system that sends electronical currents through parts of the map to zap players. Pitfall is a remake of the Halo 3 The Pit map. Bullseye also contains a Griffball variant Richochet, which resembles a spacey version of football.

The Infinity Armour and Steel Skins pack cost 240MSP each, while the Bullseye pack costs 480MSP. Buying the entire bundle runs 800 MSP.

Source: OXM UK
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