Important Command and Conquer announcement soon
Posted: 05.02.2008 14:01 by Kres Comments: 5
EA LA manager David Silverman has revealed in a recent Battlecast web-based TV show that the company will be making an important announcement regarding Command & Conquer within the next few weeks.

"For several months EA LA has been keeping the mother of all secrets, and in only a few weeks a major announcement will come" said Silverman.

It could be an announcement for Red Alert 3 (we hope!) or Generals 2 (hopefully not!). It probably isn't going to be an announcement for an expansion pack for C&C 3 as one is already in development and EA just recently announced a FPS C&C called Tiberium so it should be something in the RTS universe.

Let us know what you think it could be below!
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By Kres (SI Elite) on Feb 05, 2008
I want a new Supreme Commander announcement! Though my GPGNet has bugged out after some recent patch and is not working ever since!
By coldbomb (I just got here) on Feb 05, 2008
Red Alert 3 would be nice. Hope its not a generals sequel. More hype then it was worth for me.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Feb 05, 2008
&quot;Generals Zero Hour&quot; is still a very popular game, though many believe it to be not a true C&amp;C title (heavily infuenced by Blizzard as its&#039; interface shows). &quot;Tiberium&quot; will be a Squad-based shooter, along the lines of the &quot;Rainbow 6&quot; and &quot;GRAW&quot; franchises using the Unreal3 engine, so that won&#039;t be it. &quot;Red Alert 3&quot; is a pretty good bet that I&#039;d wager on, though rumours abound of a MMMOG being devoloped in China set either in the &quot;C&amp;C&quot; or &quot;Starcraft&quot; universe. The two big RTS stalwarts going head-to-head? Remains to be seen.
By Praetorian (SI Core) on Feb 05, 2008
As i saw some news if it is a bout the new kane&#039;s wrath , then it has to do something with red alert some units are coming back from that edition to kane&#039;s wrath edition like the (cyborg) unit .
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Feb 06, 2008
On that note Zerk, EALA lost a massive support base witth the initial release of &quot;C&amp;C3&quot; then the nail in the coffin was &quot;MoH:Stillborn&quot; (sorry, &quot;Airborne&quot;). They have quite successfully, after many self-destructive efforts, achieved their strange goal of alienating even their most ardent followers. Sorry EA, but you have lost far too much for many of us to back to you again.