F1 2013 announced, limited Classic Edition with "classic content" from 1980/90s
Posted: 15.07.2013 15:15 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Codemasters has announced more Formula One racing with F1 2013, and have also unveiled a limited Classic Edition that bundles Classic Tracks as well as 1980s and 1990s nostalgia in premium packaging.

The whole 2013 season is included in F1 2013, with all new enhancements, split-screen and online play. Gameplay footage has been posted. It releases this September.

They acknowledge they're "coming out in a really busy window," as F1 2013 will be going up against EA's FIFA and Rockstar's GTA 5. F1 has "really strong core fan base."

"Obviously Grand Theft Auto is going to impact everybody, isn't it?" said F1 2013 game designer Greg Prysmachuk. "There's nothing that game's not going to have an impact on, but I think F1's still going to hold its own, definitely."

"I think with this game, it doesn't just seem like a yearly update because we've got the classic content," he adds. "It sort of seems like the one that you will update for. We talk to a lot of people, and the last one they bought was F1 2010 or F1 2011 and they skip iterations between, but hopefully this one should draw those people back."

Better hope the GTA V team didn't manage to squeeze in a F1 minigame... they have practically everything else.

F1 2013 releases on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 this September.

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