Europa Universalis IV developer diary looks to exploration and colonies
Posted: 15.07.2013 16:03 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
What's the good of funding all those overseas expeditions only to have those settlers turn right around and bite the hand that feeds them? Paradox's latest dev diary discusses expeditions and colonies.

Project lead Thomas Johansson muses on a few possible outcomes, like how "religious dissidents start fleeing" the homeland and cram into colonies - what trouble will they stir?

Colonisation is ideal for small naval powers that can't match the land supremacy of bigger nations like France. Players can utilise ideas to promote exploration.

"The age of exploration is a crucial turning point in world history, but what if things had gone a little differently? Some of the possibilities that can occur in Europa Universalis IV are discussed by Project Lead Thomas Johansson of Paradox Development Studio, providing players with a preview of the troubles faced by an expanding nation."

"The promise of new riches and resources may lure your empire overseas, but what happens when your colonists start getting ideas about your relationship? What will you do when religious dissidents start fleeing their homeland and populating your new holdings… and who are these upstarts claiming to be “founding fathers?” Can you crush their notions of independence, or will the colonies rise up and outshine your empire?"

Colonies will now gradually grow and eventually reach a self-sustaining level, but if they prosper a little too well then some local figures could rise and decide to try life as a country. Oppressing religious groups can increase colonist migration but that yearning for freedom could cost continents.

Europa Universalis IV releases on PC August 13th.

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