Mod team "grateful beyond expression" to Valve as 'Half-Life co-op' goes standalone
Posted: 17.07.2013 15:59 by Simon Priest Comments: 2
Sven Co-op turns the original Half-Life campaign, as well as others, into a playable co-op experience. Valve is so impressed they're supporting a full standalone version to release over Steam.

That means you wouldn't need to buy Half-Life or it's add-ons in order to enjoy the Sven Co-op mod, which is currently at version 4.8. They get total control over the engine.

Being integrated into the SteamPipe means a lot swifter updates for those who want some co-op Half-Life. Naturally the team behind it couldn't be happier with Valve helping.

"We are grateful beyond expression to Valve for their generosity and efforts put forth to make this possible," the Sven Co-op modders announced. "We're looking forward to working with one of the greatest game engines ever made, and we can assure everyone that there are many, many more updates to come."

The mod itself has been nearly 15 years in the works and with the mod's final version released they moving onto something a little grander: "We've been granted access by Valve to work on our own custom version of the Half-Life engine!"

The Sven Co-op guys outline the perks:

The next version of Sven Co-op will run as a standalone game using a custom build of the Half-Life engine.

The game will be FREE for all Steam users, including the official Half-Life campaign (for 2+ player co-op play). A Half-Life purchase will not be required.

Automatic updates will be available using Steam's content delivery system dubbed SteamPipe. This will allow us to perform more frequent and rapid updates as needed.

Updates and new features will be added to the Half-Life engine, as well as a series of improvements to Half-Life's level editor called Hammer.

Increased Half-Life engine limits to allow for much larger and more detailed worlds.

Stability, performance, and gameplay improvements for everyone.

For more information visit the official Sven Co-op forums.
Source: Kotaku
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By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jul 17, 2013
This is fantastic, I'd expect them to at least require the original game. But then again, who doesn't already have it :).
By stuntkid (SI Elite) on Jul 18, 2013
Great news! Was half expecting it to require the original game like the HL2 mod Synergy. Now there's no excuse for anyone who hasn't played it!