Second Decade Collector's Edition trailer for EVE Online, explores MMO's origins
Posted: 19.07.2013 11:05 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
What the heck is up with all the space flying and ISK fraud in something called, erm, EVE Online was it? CCP Games has published a special trailer to mark the Second Decade Collector's Edition.

Ultimately it's to explain where the interstellar space MMO began life, and to get fans excited for the decade to come. The Collector's Edition comes bristling with goodies.

The Second Decade Collector's Edition includes a Rifter model USB hub, a CD of the 10th anniversary symphony, item codes for EVE and DUST 514 and more.

It will go on sale via Amazon and the EVE store this October for $149.99/€149.99.

From the humble beginnings of EVE Online, CCP went on to create PS3 MMO DUST 514 which ties into the persistent single shard universe of EVE, and are also developing World of Darkness after buying White Wolf.

Source: PCGamesN
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