Satellite Reign at 90% funding, new tiers and Twitch stream today
Posted: 23.07.2013 13:39 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
5 Lives Studios is now at 90% funding for Satellite Reign on Kickstarter, with just over £32k more in pledges needed to achieve success for the Syndicate spiritual successor. They also unveil two new reward tiers.

There's even more of a chance to be included in the game as an NPC with the new Executive Director at £800/$1250. 5 Lives also confirms a new Twitch stream for later today.

It's usually in the final few days of a Kickstarter that pledges take an upswing, if there's enough coverage and excitement. It seems Satellite Reign is starting theirs.

"Thanks to all our generous backers, both recent and those who've been here from the start, we just reached 90%! This update was going to celebrate reaching £300,000 but the strong push from everyone has accelerated things faster than any of us expected, the finish line is within reach and those stretch goals are in sight!" read the latest update.

Previously the chance to get yourself digitally immortalised in both face and name in Satellite Reign was limited, but now the team has opened up the opportunity for those with the cash to splash with the Executive Director tier. Among the earlier backers to get their mug possibly mugged in the game is Chris Roberts, creator of space sim Star Citizen.

"The reason these tiers were limited previously is because the modelling of these heads and integrating them into a mission takes time and money. We had already factored the costs into those tiers as a minimum number of VIP NPC characters required to be modelled and integrated in the game," they explained.

"The new Executive Director tier allows us to offer the chance of digital immortality to those who pursue it, with a little overhead for the costs of production involved in implementing the reward."

In what capacity your NPC will take is also briefly detailed, as they tease you could find your digital self as a "scientist you have to kidnap, a banker you need to get access codes from, an assassination target, it could be anything, but in your name and likeness." Your name could very well prove 'mission critical'. See the update for more details.

Later today a new Twitch stream will air with the developers playing a bit of Syndicate Wars and discussing comments and questions from the community. The Twitch stream begins:

?AEST Wednesday 24th July 9am (Brisbane)
? UTC / GMT Tuesday 23rd July 11pm
?BST Tuesday 23rd July Midnight (London)
?EDT Tuesday 23rd July 7pm (New York)
?PDT Tuesday 23rd July 4pm (Los Angeles)

Check out the Satellite Reign Kickstarter for more details.

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