The Legend of Zelda goes to battle in a Medieval II: Total War mod
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Link is finally dead.
See Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda universe as you've never seen it before, as Parallel Process has released the 3.01 version of their Medieval: Total War 2 mod Hyrule: Total War.

The 3.01 update includes 19 factions, a major campaign, new custom settlements, and a special four-mission campaign based on the official Hyrule Historia collection.

The main campaign allows players to choose one of those factions and go to town. "You shall choose how to rewrite the history of Hyrule," coaxes the developer, "Do you stick with the proper path and smite the evil in the land in the name of the Goddesses? Or perhaps you feel that the Hylians have overstayed their welcome as masters of the land and would rather the Gerudo forces of Ganondorf lead Hyrule into a new age leadership? Maybe you feel it's time that the Gorons march from their mountain kingdoms and rebuild their long lost empire, smashing anyone who opposes their will? On the other hand, you might fall in favor of fighting for the Zora Dominion and cleansing the land of imperfect creatures and establishing a new order of purity. Perhaps the forces of nature have won you over, and you would see to it that the Kokiri and beings of the forest rise to power? Or maybe you would act against nature, and infest and consume all life as the infestation of Gohma..."

The Hyrule: Total War mod requires the Kingdoms expansion of Medieval: Total War 2 to work. Gamers can download it on here.

Check out the trailer in the video below to see the carnage.

Source: RPS
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