Paradox developer diary talks warfare in Europa Universalis IV
Posted: 25.07.2013 15:57 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Warfare is the topic of discussion in the latest developer diary for Europa Universalis IV, for when words fail and trade policies collapse, a good ole fashion battle campaign will sure clear the air.

When pacifism fails, "you're probably going to have to crack some skulls." Project lead Thomas Johansson reveals the changes coming up, like suffering a 'lost generation'.

Charging at fortresses instead of starving out a little white flag can be costly, and if you keep rampaging about then prepare to be short a few regiments for a while.

Paradox want protracted and reckless conflicts to be reflected by 'lost generations' and so manpower gains will suffer, potentially leaving a mighty empire 'out of the game' for long time as they struggle to shore up the numbers. This can all be affected either positively or negatively by culture, buildings and technology.

Wars cost a prettier penny too - keep an eye on the war chest. Europa Universalis IV releases on PC August 13th.

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