Race the Sun goes into public beta
Posted: 26.07.2013 06:16 by Comments: 0
Race the Sun, indie developer Flippfly's minimalistic plane racing game that passed its Kickstarter fundraising goal back in March 2013, is going into public beta. In this game, players race a solar-powered craft, using procedurally generated stages insuring every level is different.

According to Flippfly, "We are opening Race the Sun for a public beta - currently limited to 5,000 people - to help push the limits of the Simplex World Creator, stress-test the servers, and provide feedback. And, let's be honest...we hope you fall absolutely in love with the game. Although preorder customers will eventually receive additional bonuses as thanks for their support, beta testers have access to all the core content and features with unlimited play-time."

Gamers interested in registring for the public beta can visit the official site here.

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