Free-to-play MMO Neverwinter celebrates 2M player mark
Posted: 31.07.2013 05:29 by Comments: 4
Free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons-licensed MMO Neverwinter has topped 2M players, according to Cryptic Studios. The MMO was launched on the 20th June after an extensive beta.

Players can expect a new major content update with Fury of the Feywild, which will arrive on the 22nd August.

Source: Polygon
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By Voqar (SI Core Veteran) on Jul 31, 2013
There's no way that game has 2m active players. Maybe 2m have tried it, threw up in their mouth, and moved on. It's a terrible game.

There are a lot of dumb MMORPG players, there's are lots of losers who'd rather pay to win than actually play, but I just don't see there being enough combined along with a few confused non-idiots to provide those kinds of numbers.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jul 31, 2013
It's basically standard practice for F2P games to brag with the biggest number possible. This won't ever trick anyone but the litter, the old fox already knows better.
By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Jul 31, 2013
Even I tried it! I try anything that's free.
By Mindrax (SI Core) on Aug 01, 2013
It is mediocre, like most swords & sandals MMORPGs out there.
You cannot hide behind loads of player numbers, WoW tried that, does not make that dung pile any better.