Second instructional video for World of Warplanes released
Posted: 02.08.2013 08:30 by Comments: 2
The second episode of's "Flight Academy" series for World of Warplanes has been released, intending to teach gamers how to play the massively multiplayer combat flight sim.

This episode goes into the specific traits and combat objects of each specialized warbird class in the game, examining the strengths, weaknesses, and combat specifics of each of these classes. The video also goes into basic cooperation between teammates.

Check out the instructional trailer in the video below.


By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Aug 02, 2013
I had to supress a chuckle at the sight of two planes hugging mid air and one surviving without a scratch x3
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Aug 02, 2013
Bonus to camouflage? Camouflage? Seriously!?
I've just lost that last 1% of interest I had in this game. I've always hated the spotting system in WoT and seeing that they seem to be keeping the same broken crappy spotting system for this game as well is the last straw.