Kickstarter fundraising for Precinct canceled, now crowdfunding independently
Posted: 07.08.2013 05:49 by Comments: 1
The spiritual successor to the old Sierra Online Police Quest adventure games, Precinct, has had its Kickstarter campaign canceled prematurely - probably due to the fact it hadn't raised a fifth of its $500K goal with 9 days left - and have started accepting donations from the game's official site instead.

According to developer Jim Walls, "As you know we are almost in the final week of our Kickstarter. As of this morning our project is just over 15% funded and it's clear that we're not going to hit our goal ...So as of today we are shutting down our Kickstarter and launching a new and unique crowdfunding campaign at Our goal is to create a staged funding campaign that lets you see the vision in as little time as possible."

The crowdfunding campaign for Precinct on the official site will have four funding milestones. If it doesn't reach the first $25K milestone, donors will get their money back. If it does, backer will get a playable prototype. At $90K, the devs will build a verticle slice of the game. At $250K, a demo, and $400K will bring a full game.

Gamers can fund the game on the official site here.

Source: Kickstarter


By Mindrax (SI Core) on Aug 07, 2013
I like the idea. I will follow this projects progress.