The Settlers Online gets high level epic raids in new update
Posted: 08.08.2013 18:31 by Comments: 0
Blue Byte has announced that The Settlers Online will now have high level epic raids for level 50 players. Epic raids will feature powerful enemies, magical resources and exclusive rewards accessible only for high level players.

The content update will include 5 new adventures that are fairy tale-themed. The first adventure will be available either by exploring or going to the shop. After completing it, one of two new adventures randomly unlock.

Some of the new resources collected on raids are tradeable, while a new specialist, The Quartermaster, is now available. The Quartermaster can't lead an attack, but enables the player to mount large armies of up to 1000 units faster than any other general. Magic beanstalks can be exchanged for five building licenses.

The following new buildings are added:

* Fairy-tale castle* (max 1 per player): It’s a special decoration building than can be upgraded up to level 5 – After level 5 the decorative building becomes a production site and will require both new resources.
* Magnificent Residence* (no number restriction): This construction will offer enough space for a huge number of Settlers, it provides enough convenience for a King and his court.
* Gold Tower* (max 3 per player): This magical tower can spin wheat into coins.

Level 50 players can also earn a new resource called Star Coins, which replaces experience points. The Coins can be used to purchase very valuable items.

Gamers can check out The Settlers Online at the official site here.