First Fables: The Wolf Among Us trailer released, first ep called 'Faith'
Posted: 14.08.2013 08:01 by Comments: 1
Telltale Games has released the first trailer for its upcoming adventure game series based on Bill Willingham's popular DC Comics series Fables, The Wolf Among Us.

The trailer shows off the main character, Bigby Wolf - who is actually the Big Bad Wolf of fairy tales - and his relationship with the rest of his fairy tale compatriots, hiding as humans in New York City.

The first episode will be released "soon", and is called "Faith". Stay tuned for more news on this highly anticipated episodic series.

Source: IGN


By Mindrax (SI Core) on Aug 14, 2013
I do not believe this will be as good as The Walking Dead.
Sure it looks good but i am still a bit skeptical.