Humble Bundle goes Origin titles this time
Posted: 15.08.2013 05:08 by Comments: 2
The Humble Bundle has a new set of games up for purchase, and this time it's Electronic Arts and Origin games, highlighted by Dead Space and Dead Space 3.

The base pack for the bundle include Dead Space, Dead Space 3, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Crysis 2: Maximum Edition, Mirror's Edge, and Medal of Honor. Paying the bonus amount ($4.73 as of the time of this article's writing) also nabs Battlefield 3 and a The Sims 3 bundle including the Late Night and High End Loft expansions.

This time, there are 5 charities to distribute the payment to.

This being the first time for Electronic Arts and Origin, the crush of orders has brought Origin to its knees, and some gamers may have to wait for their code redemption to get through. On the bright side, this is more likely to make EA put up more Humble Bundle deals.

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By Hammerjinx (SI Core) on Aug 15, 2013
I bought it. I was planning on giving the lot to charity anyway, but was pleased to see there isn't even an option to give EA a cut.

No DRM-free tho ;P
By Mindrax (SI Core) on Aug 15, 2013
I bought it too :)