Ghost Games detail Need for Speed: Rivals car customisation
Posted: 15.08.2013 11:56 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Sure you can deafen bystanders with your muscle car's exhaust, but what about inducing some high octane blinding? Developer Ghost Games explains how racers can customise their cars-wot-go-fast.

The new 'Personalisation' feature in Rivals let gamers apply an array of colours, patterns and decals to help stand out from among the speed ticketed crowd. The studio blog us some examples.

They say personalising your car is paramount with their AllDrive system where chums can meet up and race. Cops in Redview County Police Department get flavour too.

"Personalisation in Rivals is a feature were excited to be developing because of its importance when playing in AllDrive. This is a new feature were bringing to the racing genre where you routinely encounter your friends on the open roads and will want to show off your vehicles and driving skills," said lead designer James Mouat. "With this in mind we went about integrating personalisation into the gameplay and fiction of living the life of a Cop or Racer in Redview County."

"On the flip-side of the experience are members of the Redview County Police Department (RCPD). Players who are working through the ranks of the RCPD will be offered a different take on what personalisation means to an officer. It would be strange to see Police vehicles sporting all sorts of wild colors and styles, as being uniform is part of the very nature of a police force. Instead, Cops will unlock different versions of each car depending on how they choose to play; Patrol, Enforcer and another class we will be unveiling next week at Gamescom during EAs press conference ( on August 20 at 15:00 GMT."

Mouat goes into some more detail about cop cars: "Each will have a unique visual style to reflect the changes in performance the vehicle has to offer. Patrol cars are standard issue and will be the easiest to unlock, giving general performance in all areas and will come with the standard RCPD livery."

"Enforcer vehicles will offer reinforced construction, allowing them to deal the most damage in car-to-car combat situations, and will have a more elite styled RCPD livery to reflect their bad-ass status. Put all this together, with our yet-to-be-revealed class, and it means that you can unlock specialised RCPD vehicles that match your style of play and let you stand out among the rank and file of the rookies."

Check out the Need for Speed blog for more on customising cars in Rivals. Need for Speed: Rivals releases on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 November 22nd. Xbox One and PS4 versions will arrive later.