Blizzard discusses Timeless Isle in World of Warcraft's Patch 5.4
Posted: 15.08.2013 13:56 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
A new open-world zone is coming with Patch 5.4 for World of Warcraft and it's called the Timeless Isle. Apparently it has just "a couple quests" but Blizzard reveals they won't tell you much, encouraging exploration.

It offers "greater challenges" on the island, where everything - except raid bosses - can be soloed. All enemies on the Timeless Isle "drops something unique" like "epic BoA tokens" or pets.

Timeless Coins are the currency of choice on the Timeless Isle, where all sorts of merchandise is available for purchase like "pets, mounts, and some just-for-fun items."

Blizzard are also introducing what they call the Event System where points of interest suddenly occur that might involve "rare spawns, rare Elites, chests containing epic loot," and more.

"Some won’t be simple to get to or easy to find, as many parts of the island are entangled with puzzles lost to time. Some involve more than a simple alert . . . but we’re not going to spoil the surprises, and we’re really looking forward to see how quickly players can unlock the island’s mysteries and hidden treasures," blogged the studio.

Blizzard gives quite a detailed account of what awaits adventurers on the Timeless Isle in Patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar.

"As you explore the Timeless Isle, you’ll see and speak with many of the characters you’ve come to know throughout your quests in Pandaria. We could go on and on, but we don’t want to spoil everything. The Timeless Isle is meant to be experienced—we hope you enjoy it." Visit the blog for more.
Source: VG247