SimCity "traffic tuning" Update 7.0 releases August 22nd
Posted: 21.08.2013 13:50 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Tomorrow Maxis launch Update 7.0 for SimCity which promises to sweep the streets clean of unruly traffic as "tuning" is the primary focus. It also adds a raise/lower tool for roads to force bridges and tunnels.

Sims are now guaranteed an 'open slot' at their destination before they step foot outside. Services like garbage collection should see huge improvements.

The GlassBox engine that powers SimCity uses an agent and sink system to make the city function. This meant that Sims (agents) would flood to the nearest thing they wanted.

The trouble is that, when looking for employment for the day, these Sim agents would swarm the same place of business and only look elsewhere once the building filled up. When cities reach the 200k mark in population traffic becomes a nightmare as a result. Now Sims will head straight for a guaranteed spot.

Agents pour out and fill the 'sinks' that buildings represent for certain needs. Maxis has been testing the new traffic tuning and it's ready to be deployed tomorrow. Mayors should see their cities traffic flow dramatically alter, likely causing huge redesigns, as until now many would try and concoct workaround solutions.

"Heads up, Mayors! #SimCity Update 7, containing traffic tuning and the raise/lower tool, is releasing this Thursday," tweeted the official SimCity account. Bridges and tunnels can also be forced by Mayors with Update 7.0 thanks to the new raise and lower tool for roads. This should lead to some very interesting road networks.

For more on SimCity traffic tuning visit the official blog.

Source: Twitter
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