GamesCom 2013: EverQuest Next's Landmark feature discussed
Posted: 22.08.2013 14:07 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Sonly Online's David Georgeson has revealed more details about the Landmark feature for EverQuest Next which will let players stake a claim of land and then build on it, and even mould the land around it.

Players start as an Adventurer class, spawned at an "epic monument", where they can then freely explore. Resources are gathered with tools craftable. Players can help each other with projects.

Improved tools will need to be made if more valuable resources are to be harvested for construction. The land around staked claims can be altered as well for cohesion.

Interestingly, players can earn real world money by selling resources, tools and even the staked land and structures built thereon. Sony Online are hoping to kick start their own virtual property market it seems. We'll see how long it takes before someone designs something in a rude shape - probably before the month is out post-launch.

Sony has affirmed how "very serious" they are about EverQuest next being a "PC-orientated launch."

Source: NowGamer
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