The Elder Scrolls Online Q&A deals with stealth, playing without magic
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Bethesda has posted the 6th "Ask Us Anything" Q&A page, answering six questions posed by fans to the developer on The Elder Scrolls Online, which will be coming to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

One of the questions asked about how stealth would work, and if it would be similar to how stealth was handled in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, with an eye revealing whether the player was seen or not, and asked about how it would be handled in PvP.

"If you are in stealth, you will be invisible to enemy players unless they detect you. It will take more than just a casual look in a stealthed player’s direction to uncover them," explained the developer, "During a recent playtest, one of our developers was ambushed by a hidden enemy. It was a very effective tactic; the ambusher took advantage of the fact that his target wasn’t being cautious and using the Magelight ability, which would have thwarted the ambush."

Another answer reassured players that it would be possible to play The Elder Scrolls Online without ever casting a single spell.

"You can play without magic use at all; simply place your skill points in weapon and armor skill lines. Fighters Guild abilities are also an option if you prefer to avoid spells and magic altogether," stated Bethesda.

Those interested in reading the entire Q&A for this week can click here. Fans can submit questions by emailing the developers at
Source: ESO
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By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on Aug 28, 2013
I have a feeling that this game is going to do quite well in the MMO industry.