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By nocutius (SI Elite) on Sep 01, 2013
"...with an unusually high percentage of player’s monetizing..."

I can explain that.
The core game is very enjoyable early on and you get hooked up quickly, driving the tanks is in a perfect balance between arcade and simulation, it feels just right. Then they start putting you in impossible situations fighting people in higher tier tanks that you can not even hurt, to balance this (to keep the high from the early fix going) the situation gets occasionally reversed where you're the one killing helpless people.

But that is not enough for you, you don't want to be cannon fodder ever again so grinding the top tier tanks is the only solution. The only way to decrease the grind from murder inspiring lengths to something that only makes you want to break someone's legs is to spend money. You don't want the fix to end cause the core experience is good but to get to the top within the length of your natural life you need to spend money and if you then want to stay at the top you absolutely need to spend even more money.

the game is good early on but if you want to keep enjoying it you *need* to be spending money on it.
By Coconaut (SI Newbie) on Aug 31, 2013
I can't see the actual news.It says "Not found".I can only see the comments here.
By JustCommunication (SI Core) on Sep 01, 2013
Hey Coconaut - can you email Kres [at] strategyinformer [dot] com with details of this problem? Please include where you came to this page from i.e. facebook link, twitter link RSS etc...