PAX Prime 2013: Voice cast of Broken Age revealed, includes Jack Black, Jennifer Hale
Posted: 02.09.2013 09:02 by Comments: 0
Double Fine revealed in a new developer video some of the voice actors that will be supplying their talent for Broken Age, their Kickstartered adventure game formerly known as Double Fine Adventure.

The cast is highlighted by Jack Black and Mass Effect's Jennifer Hale. Black is no stranger to Double Fine, as the voice of the lead character of Schafer's heavy metal fantasy Brutal Legend.

Other cast members include other Double Fine standbys, like Richard Horvitz (Raz of Psychonauts), Nick Jameson (Dr. Fred of Day of the Tentacle), Cree Summer (Brutal Legend's dominatrices), and Grey DeLisle (Zaulie of Brutal Legend).

Check out the developer diary in the video below.

Source: Eurogamer