Ubisoft plan for "potentially limitless, unlimited gameplay" in The Division
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The MMO and dynamic nature of The Division means "potentially limitless, unlimited gameplay," remarks Ubisoft Massive's Ryan Bernard. Details on how that could be achieved are 'saved for another time'.

Endgame and player retention is "very important" to the team. While The Division is an RPG, the usual grind-fest will come under fire by emergent gameplay and story.

Ubisoft want people so invested in the world going on in The Division that you almost forget the evil monotony of grinding. This particular MMO might just manage it.

"OK. Well, a couple of things. If you saw the video, you do see that finding dynamic content, group content is a big part of the game," replied Ryan Bernard, asked by OXM how they'll extended The Division's lifespan. "So we're definitely want a challenge-ramping out in the world to encourage players to play together for better rewards as well."

"The endgame is very important to us," Bernard added. "Player retention is very important. We want the Division to be potentially limitless, unlimited gameplay, but the specifics of how we're doing that, we're saving - we have a long time to talk about that stuff. But yes, it is important for us."

Ubisoft eventually confirmed The Division would be coming to PC as well as on Xbox One and PS4.

"We are an RPG and the story is very important, and we want our story to be a little bit different," he continued. There'll be "an overall story arc, but we want the story-telling to be a little bit different in this game."

"We want more emergent story-telling, so as you're out in the world and fighting these events, there'll be stories attached to that, which may lead you in to the greater story. And it's more your story, it's more personalised, that can feed in to a greater storyline." The Division releases on PC, Xbox One and PS4 in Winter 2014.

Source: OXM


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Promises, promises...
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Ubisoft seems to deliver on them lately...