PS3 has "miles to go" before games reach 'real' platform potential
Posted: 31.10.2008 12:46 by Simon Priest Comments: 5
Ray Maguire, UK's managing director for Sony Computer Entertainment, has said PS3 gamers can expect a lot more from the consoles next generation of games.

Apparently the focus will be more on "the game experience" itself, and not just about churning out "sequel after sequel after sequel", and amping up pretty visuals.

"The power of PlayStation is just awesome and we're starting to get to grips with it, third parties are starting to get to grips with it and we're starting to see some of that come to fruition," Maguire tells

"But when we see the next generation of games coming after these, then I think we're going to see something even more exciting, we're going to see even more genres come to the marketplace rather than just sequel after sequel after sequel."

"I think the online experience is going to change radically over the next few years. The online additions to our games, just the way we consume games, is going to change massively. And using the PS3 for non-gaming activities as well, with PlayTV, using the remote play function with your PSP to extend your playing environment, there's a huge amount more to come from PS3," he added.

"We're not even half way to where we need to get to. It's all planned, it's just a question of having the right amount of development time to make sure that when we bring it out it's what people expect it to be, rather than rushing stuff into the marketplace."

So LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2 are just mere milestones on the path to PlayStation 3 greatness, if you believe Maguire's optimistic 'evolution' of the console, or are Sackboys going to be the pinnacle of PS3 success?

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By Stew (SI Member) on Oct 31, 2008
I will admit. As a PS3 owner, I'm tied of hearing about the potential of the system. SHOW me the potential, don't talk about it.
By ScythSoulces (SI Core) on Oct 31, 2008
Yea no joke on that. They don't even have very many good games to play on the PS3 except for the game called "Imfamous" that comes out in 2009.
By Knave (SI Core) on Oct 31, 2008
I wish i could play littlebigplanet on my pc.

But that's about it. There's nothing else that really entices me to go get a ps3. Maybe Blu-Ray if i had an HD TV.
By madpuppy (SI Member) on Nov 02, 2008
I specifically purchased my PS3 for the blu-ray and now prefer it to my 360 for games. I like the idea of not having to walk on eggshells with it hoping to get a good year out of it before it fails like the two 360's I went through. more good games would be nice though.
By ScythSoulces (SI Core) on Nov 03, 2008
Well like I said "Imfamous" is coming out for PS3 in 2009. I have done my resurch on this one and this game would give me a good reson to get a PS3.