PAX Prime 2013: Runic still has "no plans" for a console port of Torchlight 2
Posted: 06.09.2013 06:51 by Comments: 0
Despite Torchlight selling well on Xbox Live Arcade, Runic has stated that the developer still has "no plans" for a console port version of the popular sequel Torchlight II.

A few months ago, CEO Max Schaefer stated when Torchlight II was released on PC, "We haven't ruled it out but to do a port like we did last time, would probably not be on the cards, because of the limitations of Xbox Live Arcade.

"We would have to down-sample all our artwork this time. With Torchlight we were able to do a direct port of pretty much all of the art assets, other than the interface that had to be redesigned. It would be a lot more work this time. It's questionable whether a business case can be made for that."

In other words, if there's a console version of Torchlight II, it will not be a port, and that's a lot of man-hours to spend on doing a new engine for a just-released game.

Torchlight II earned an 8.5/10 score in its Strategy Informer review.
Source: Polygon
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