Creative Assembly dev apologizes for Total War: Rome II launch issues
Posted: 10.09.2013 05:20 by Comments: 6
Total War: Rome II had a difficult launch that fans have been decried. The game's creative director Mike Simpson is apologizing on the game’s official forums, informing players of what the dev intends to do for the next few weeks.

In the post, Simpson wrote, “Rome II is a big and complex game and, especially on PC, we are always conscious of the wide variety of different combinations of hardware out there and, while we do test extensively before launch, it is clear that we have failed some of you and we will look at the way in which launch games in the future."

He added, "Again, I know this is scant comfort to you if you have a set-up that is not performing well, but we do intend to fix your specific problem—whoever you are and whatever it is—as soon as we can.”

2% of players have been unable to launch Total War: Rome II thanks to game issues.
Source: PC Gamer


By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on Sep 10, 2013
Another bad launch? I wonder how the developers miss these things. Okay, 2% is not insanely much, but I still wonder how that happens that they miss the details.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Sep 10, 2013
Well, from reading several reviews on this title, I have decided to simply try and get into Shogun first - this seems to be simply more of the same and with some detachment to boost...
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Sep 10, 2013
A Fail is still a Fail. It all started with "Battlefield 2" and has been an unfortunate and growing trend that really has no excuse.
By Seanyboy91 (I just got here) on Sep 10, 2013
Despite the small problems it is actually a fantastic game!
By Kres (SI Elite) on Sep 10, 2013
I couldn't play Shogun 2 for MONTHS after release due to crashes. Amazingly enough after that I was sure I would be among the lucky 2%, yet TWR2 works almost perfectly. Just rare crashes here and there.
By nikola1010 (SI Core Member) on Sep 10, 2013
I haven't experienced crashes here (at least not yet), but I have huge crash issues in Fall of the Samurai, it wroks for 3, mostly 4 turns and it crashes every time :(
This is why they should release demos 1st, so people could test the game, and give feedback to developers if something is amiss. I haven't seen R2TW demo yet...