World of Tanks to introduce Japanese armour "based on original designs"
Posted: 19.09.2013 11:10 by Simon Priest Comments: 7 is set to expand the World of Tanks motor pool again. This time it's Japanese armour that will be rolling out, with "a number of legendary" vehicles among the selection for the MMO.

Tank fans get to experience their "technological evolution" throughout the mid-20th century. They're based off "original designs of Japanese engineers" for authenticity.

Two branches make up the initial line with nine medium and five light machines. These join machines from USA, China, France, Great Britain, Germany and the USSR.

"The introduction of Japanese tanks allows us to explore the design and innovation of a number of legendary armored vehicles and give players the chance to experience their technological evolution throughout the mid-20th century,” said World of Tanks Producer Mikhail Zhivets. “Tank models based on original designs of Japanese engineers will offer players a wide selection of authentic upgrade schemes, each tailored for particular combat objectives.”

This makes Japan the 7th national line for the free-to-play MMO with the likes of the Chi-Ri prototype, the first post-war Japanese design Type 61, the light Type 95 Ha-Go and the medium Chi-Ha tanks available for play.

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By Mindrax (SI Core) on Sep 19, 2013
Quite a lot of tanks to choose from. But it were ages ago i played WoT.
Not sure i will return to the battlefield :)
By Chosen_One (SI Elite) on Sep 19, 2013
Jap tanks...facepalm...
By Mindrax (SI Core) on Sep 19, 2013
Yes, crappy useless heaps of shit :)
I guess WarGaming wants the Jap player base :)
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Sep 19, 2013
Useless? They were as good as they needed to be.
By Mindrax (SI Core) on Sep 19, 2013
In WOT?!
You are welcome to meet me in a fight with a jap tank after they are implemented.
I will show you the meaning of German panzer :)
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Sep 20, 2013
Oh in WoT, I assumed you meant IRL. My bad.

I had a 60% win ratio in my Tiger II when I was still playing so I know well what they can do :). It really stood out from the crowd cause I wasn't doing so well with most of the others.
By Mindrax (SI Core) on Sep 20, 2013
Tiger II was great but i like my E-75 better, but the E-100 was a bit tricky to master.
E-75 is a beast in the hands of a skilled commander :)