Flashback HD hitting Steam on the 1st October
Posted: 24.09.2013 06:24 by Comments: 3
Flashback HD, the remake of the 1992 platformer that was originally released on PC, Amiga, Super NES, and other platofrms, was released on the Xbox Live Arcade back on the 21st August. It is now currently available for pre-order on Steam, to be released on the 1st October.

The game was developed by the original dev team, with updated graphics and new gameplay mechanics.

Flashback HD will be released on PlayStation Network sometime later this year.

Source: Joystiq
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By Mindrax (SI Core) on Sep 24, 2013
I wonder if this game is any good?!
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Sep 24, 2013
Yeah, my thought as well. Old games were very good - compared to other old games. A lot has happened. There really are a few gems though that only takes a few minuted to get over crappy graphics to fall in love with again - and get stuck in...
By Mindrax (SI Core) on Sep 24, 2013
Exactly my thought.