Planetary Annihilation lore put to vote for faction name, leader and symbol
Posted: 26.09.2013 14:18 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Spinning a great yarn can be hard. Uber Entertainment think some of that hardship should fall to the fans and so are asking the community to aid in the fabrication of Planetary Annihilation's lore.

The planet-beating RTS needs quite the backstory, but Uber is focusing on getting the game right first. A vague narrative exists at the moment, so they're looking to backers.

A backers-only section of the forum asks fans to vote on the small print of a particular faction.

Right now Uber is casting a vote on the first faction name, as well as a vote on the leader name and the faction's symbol. The options are all very Latin-based and evoke 'Empire'. As for the symbol? "We're pretty sure we want to go with an eagle clutching a world in its talons. It's iconic, for one, but it also visually spells out what these guys are all about pretty well. However, we're totally open to suggestions for the symbol," posted Uber's Brad Nicholson.

Faction names:
? Pax Machina (Machine of Peace)
? Legonis Machina (Legion of the Machine)
? The First Empire
? Imperium (Empire)

Leader names:
? Terminus
? Scipio
? Dominus
? Invictus

For those who know the secret backer handshake, wink and nod - visit the Backers Lounge on the forums. While they may not be letting everyone get in on the discussion, it's a nice reward for early supporters of this Total Annihilation love letter Uber Entertainment call Planetary Annihilation, which is available on Steam Early Access.
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