Techland: Dying Light isn't another Dead Island
Posted: 29.09.2013 13:31 by Comments: 0
Techland's upcoming Dying Light has some similarities to its previous open world zombie game, Dead Island, but the developer reassures both games are quite different. The former has more of a Mirror's Edge style to it, complete with parkour, with also a key day-night cycle (which adds a Dead Rising element to it.)

According to producer Tymon Smektala, "You have to consider that Dead Island was our first open-world game so we had to learn some lessons the hard way. But our level design team has grown three-fold (since then), and the same can be said of our quality assurance team.

"We've really put a lot of resources into playtesting so we make sure this game is a AAA project. We really feel we need to prove to people that we have made a AAA game and we're confident we're doing it."

Dying Light is also a more serious and mature game than Dead Rising. Smektala stated, "Dying Light is a game that's quite different to Dead Island. It's more mature and more serious. I think people will be surprised by our story to some extent, by our gameplay and how complex it is."

He added, "When you put Dead Island's gameplay mechanics on paper, it is a hack and slash game. Put Dying Light's mechanics on a piece of paper and you'll have to use all of that page to describe what the game's all about and how it plays."

Dying Light is due to be released sometime in 2014 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
Source: Eurogamer