Report: Microsoft's streaming service called Rio, offers backwards compat for Xbox One
Posted: 30.09.2013 22:47 by Comments: 0
No, not that Rio.
A few days ago, it was reported that Microsoft was working on a streaming service similar to Sony's Gaikai purchase, and demonstrated it by streaming Halo 4 to a Surface tablet as well as a Windows phone with "Xbox-level visual quality".

New information has been coming on this streaming service - it's to be called Rio.

According to Windows blogger Paul Thurrott, who uncovered some of the new info with his own sources, "The firm noted that latency was down to 45 milliseconds, which is probably OK for simple single-player gaming but is in fact pretty high for real-time multiplayer gaming. But here's a secret benefit of this technology: Microsoft might use this to solve the backward-compatibility problem of the Xbox One, which cannot play Xbox 360 games: It could simply stream these titles to customers."

Considering Microsoft has 300,000 servers for cloud computing, with the removal of the "always on" service for the Xbox One, it might make a good substitute for the lost usage.
Source: GameSpot
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