Bot Colony hits Kickstarter, boasts realistic verbal interaction with AI
Posted: 01.10.2013 14:48 by Comments: 0
Indie developer North Side Inc. has announced that their futuristic adventure game Bot Colony is now on Kickstarter. The game is the first to ever ambitiously take on the challenge of being able to use conversational English as the primary way to interact with characters.

Bot Colony will not rely on conversation trees or word parsers like other adventures and roleplaying games. Rather, players will able to not only give instruction in natural language to other AI characters, but can engage in casual conversation as well - and the AI will react in response "correctly in most cases".

The revolutionary proprietary software "understands English well enough to enable a player to complete game levels, as long as they don’t veer too much off topic. Yet off topic conversations are also supported, and characters can use them as an opportunity to learn new concepts from the player. Responses by the game’s characters are generated on the fly by parsing the player’s spoken (or typed) English words, reasoning based on facts, AI rules and the 3D environment, and dynamically generating an intelligent reaction. This reaction can be verbal (spoken English), or non-verbal (the character carries out a command, or exhibits a quasi-emotion). "

Bot Colony will enter public Beta Test on the 1st November 2013, and Kickstarter donors will get the first shot at playing the game.

Check out the Kickstarter page here.

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