Crytek announces Warface entering "Sneak Peek" phase in beta
Posted: 01.10.2013 18:40 by Comments: 0
Crytek has announced that their free-to-play shooter Warface will be going into a "Sneak Peek" phase tomorrow, as players will get to check out new locations, game modes and rewards.

According to the studio, the "Sneak Peek" shows off a new Chinese setting where players fight Blackwood forces, and for the first time, will be able to play as female soldiers. The update will include a new Destruction mode which is a variation on the typical domination mode. The game will offer five daily co-op missions (up from the previous 3), and finally, a new tutorial system.

The Sneak Peaks will be run on the 2nd through the 7th October in the US, EU and Turkey. The Pre-Open Beta will be run right after.