Obsidian details Project Eternity's Cipher class, they're "fighting casters"
Posted: 02.10.2013 10:22 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Project Eternity continues to rumble forward and developer Obsidian has thrown a few more scraps of chunky RPG meat to PC gamers and backers to tear into. The Cipher class is now under the spotlight.

These types are "enigmatic and deadly soul-manipulators" who form the secret police, Dunryd Row. Obsidian also release their lore to flesh out the backstory of these Ciphers.

We're also given a breakdown on some of their abilities, which include some fancy words like 'psychovampiric' and 'ectopsychic'. Don't they just make your soul tingle?

"Contemporary ciphers are fighting casters, like the Glanfathan "mind hunters" who invented the discipline. When engaged in physical combat, they use an Ability called Soul Whip to contact and drain the psyches of their targets. Recognizable by the purple flames that engulf a cipher's weapons, Soul Whip generates a Focus resource that ciphers can use to power their abilities," detailed the Kickstarter update.

"Though ciphers begin combat with a modest amount of Focus, their more advanced techniques demand large expenditures of Focus. Additionally, repeated uses of even minor powers will quickly drain a cipher's Focus, requiring them to dive into physical combat to generate more."

It's not all mind-bending soul-warping action with Ciphers as they need to 'power-up' with a good ole fashioned bit of physical violence. Obsidian are cooking up some interesting quirky abilities.

"Cipher powers are not limited to mental manipulation. They have abilities that allow them to use a target's soul energy to "leak" and burst into flame, to generate a physical shockwave of that knocks down everyone behind the target, or even to bend back toward the cipher, creating a field of protective energy around him or her." Leaky souls? Eww.

Cipher abilities
◾Soul Whip (Modal) - At close range, the cipher's weapons generate fields of parasitic energy that lash out at a target's soul. The Soul Whip mode reduces the amount of damage caused, but each successful hit briefly lowers the target's Psyche defense and generates Focus for the cipher (attacks Psyche).

◾Mind Wave - The cipher violently intrudes into an enemy's mind, Stunning the target (attacks Psyche) and generating a cone of concussive force behind him or her that can knock down anyone in its path (attacks Fortitude).

◾Soul Shock - The cipher causes an ally's soul to "crack" and violently release energy into the physical world. The resulting explosion of electrical (Shock) energy damages everyone nearby except the target (attacks Reflexes).

◾Psychovampiric Shield - The cipher drains Intellect from enemies and uses it to temporarily increase his or her Deflection. The increase in the cipher's Deflection is dependent on how much Intellect he or she successfully drains from victims (attacks Psyche).

◾Mind Blades - The cipher uses the souls of nearby enemies to generate attacks against the subjects themselves. Each target is attacked once by a slashing "mind blade" which then moves on to the next nearest enemy up to a maximum of five targets (attacks Deflection).
◾Recall Agony - The cipher causes the target to re-experience the pain of a wound moments after the target originally suffered it. The damage is a percentage of the original value, but it ignores the armor of the target (attacks Psyche).

◾Ectopsychic Echo - The cipher and an ally generate a bolt of psychic energy that periodically rebounds between them, causing Crush damage to anyone caught in the area (attacks Reflexes).

Check out the latest Project Eternity Kickstarter update for more on the Cipher class.
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